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When you child becomes a Genie, you become part of the Genie community where we are supported by the strong foundation of a rich history, established by learners, educators and parents since 1984. We encourage our parents to continue this beautiful tradition of building a community around our school and learners. You can do this by getting involved. Our supporters clubs offer parents an opportunity to do exactly this in the following ways:

  • Building and maintaining relationships with parents, learners, teachers, and alumni who have a passion for the sport and Gene Louw Primary School.
  • Supporting the school’s sporting goals.
  • Uplifting and constantly improving the wellbeing of school sport in general.
  • Offering a structure from which events and fundraisers can be coordinated, organised, and executed.
  • Setting up and maintaining communication channels between the school and the parent community.

Should you wish to occasionally get involved in general events at school where we need parents’ help (décor, ticket sales, organising, etc.), please send you information to Mrs De Jongh-Duckitt at marketing@genelouw.co.za. marketing@genelouw.co.za.

More information on the different clubs below.